Wez Whynt

Dropping a pin as a starting point in Wez’s musical map would be located at ‘Belt Drive Decks’. As a DJ his elevation came from the early days of RnB and Hip Hop; forming an urban scene with solid foundations built on US Garage and Soulful House.

Wez and music combined brings you to a vocal place where the parties are intimate. The roads he travels create a wide expanse throughout the genres, including Neo, Old School and the Freshest RnB cuts. The winding avenues explored in his house sets go deep and bumpy. He continues to build on the brand and vision ‘House Matters’ tracing a journey that has incorporated stops along the way in underground events and radio broadcasting. The dial is set the first Saturday of every month for House Matters live.

Recently Wez has made a right turn, showcased in his current production on Quantize Recordings ‘Love’s Taken Over’ featuring Elle White.