Wayne Ritchie



DJ Wayne Ritchie attracts a crowd, his energy and enthusiasm is infectious! One of the real ones you can vibe with, an uplifting soul playing music to match. He began by perfecting his craft at the age of 18 from his bedroom, focussed determined and meticulous, locked down until he was ready to reveal his talent as a DJ at live events. In the late nineties and up until recently across the underground radio scene Wayne Ritchie created waves, with over six years of broadcast experience on four different stations. His house is in order, with on point beat matching; mixing the freshest soulful tracks and bringing back crowd jumping beats. Across the genres and throughout the years, his musical catalogue as a DJ spans far and wide, but you can find his heart in Uplifting and Soulful House..."it's the music that best represents me and my outlook on life, it expresses how I feel deep down inside and it shows".