Micky Johnson

The chapters of music unfold throughout Micky’s story bringing a diverse and vibrant sounding DJ presence.
The nostalgic passages create images of sound systems, crate digging and lugging boxes of vinyl in raw and real Soul and RnB music history. The narrative moves with music, drafting lasting scenes jumping to the beats of both Rap infused Hip Hop and Jungle.
The theme throughout focusing and feeling a major US influence. House music became integral when hearing disco sampling on tracks, recognising breaks from the 70’s.
This ongoing vibe has evolved in the last three years where Micky and his fellow cast members that make up the brand ‘House Matters’ have been pioneering stripped back, live streamed features online. The team have collaborated with house music artists including The Journey Men, Paris Cesvette, Sy Sez and Booker T.
Micky Johnson escapes into his own sequels of sound, merging tracks, syncing beats to bring the audience into the next chapter.