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The Sound Suite Concept

‘Remastering your summer experience’

Remaster verb: refers to improving the quality of sound or image, or both, of previously created recordings, either audio phonic, cinematic, or video graphic.

This encapsulates our vision, one that is rooted in decades of dance music culture, the energy and artistry it compounds.

SoundRevel™ presents… is a statement of music ‘articulation’ – our aim is to redefine RnB, bring New Jack back, honour House Music as arguably the most consistent genre throughout the decades; revisiting the classics and bringing you fresh sounds. Our events will be harnessing Hip Hop culture, both old and new school that pays homage to where it all began.  Bringing you original sounding garage grooves to complement our encompassing music policy.Sound Suite Festival would not be without the sweet sultry sounds of Neo Soul, an absolute necessity. Our DJ team will be creating space and light rightly deserved, by igniting the music of generations of independent soul artists.

Moving to the creations of both the innovators and new producers, bringing a wealth of meaningful, committed, talented and carefully curated soulful music to a wider audience.

Why have we chosen San Teodoro?

Immersive – Imaginative – Immeasurable

We have been seeking an area and venues that will complement the love we all have for our music. Sound Suite Festival is a week-long music experience, our DJ’s will be playing the freshest soulful sounds including:
RnB – Hip Hop – New Jack Swing – Garage – Funk – Boogie – Deep, Bumpy, Funky, Afro, Soulful & Classic House – Neo & Independent Soul
The local people take pride in their town and their most breath-taking island of Sardinia. The Sardinian people speak with passion; they are conscious and considered.

Your holiday starts sooner!

To arrive in Sardinia and onto San Teodoro consists of taking a very short flight from the UK with transfers times at just over 20 minutes. Flight prices start from around £80 return.

Your custom is valued! We have secured great deals on drinks pricing at all the venues and your wristband will give you discount at a host of different restaurants and services.

Sound Suite Line Up

DJ's Remastering Your Summer Experience

Sound Suite Event Schedule

*Event Schedules are Subject to Change